Kacha takes the worry out of finding
solutions built for the balance of your team, with three finely tailored services.


Our recruitment services fall into three distinct categories.

Many role types are, for a variety of reasons, disproportionately represented by men. For organisations hiring these roles, driving for gender balance in recruitment is exceptionally challenging. With Women Forward Kacha introduces women candidates exclusively, balancing a client’s recruitment process allowing them to choose the right person for the role from a genuinely diverse shortlist.

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An end to end recruitment solution with a commitment to a unique client outcome. With 50Fifty, Kacha delivers a shortlist of the markets’ best people, ensuring equal representation of both genders with no compromise on talent and fit.

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In collaboration with Dattner Group, Kacha facilitates a custom recruitment process for senior executive hires. This process includes an initial consulting and research phase, two diagnostic interventions (role-based competency testing and leadership capability assessment), and debriefing processes for client and candidate. Method+ gives clients the depth of insight required to confidently install business critical leaders with organisational, role and culture alignment.

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The introduction of exclusively women candidates


End to end recruitment with gender balanced shortlists


A proprietary process for senior executive hires

Every Kacha placement comes with an integrated candidate coaching program to smooth transitions into new positions. Delivered by expert, independent coaches, designed to accelerate onboarding and
integration into your work place.

Develop strategies for “getting up to speed” faster.

Navigate new stakeholder relationships

Identify cultural norms and the ‘unwritten rules’ for getting things done

Capture fresh insights for adding value